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Tuition Fees For Semester 1 and 2 

For Full-Time Programmes

For Part-Time Programmes
Tuition fees and MOE Subsidy for part-time undergraduates programme.
Please note that any revision in the tuition fee will apply to both existing as well as new part time students.


Tuition Fees For Special Term

For student who first accepted a place in and before Academic Year (AY) 2010-11, the special term fees are fixed at the AY2010-11 rates for the remaining duration of their degree programme. Please refer to the special term fee table applicable to you based on your year of first acceptance:


Special Term fees will not be charged for compulsory core courses/projects and minor courses that are conducted only during the Special Terms. The list of courses that are excluded from charging of Special Term fees are:

  • Minor in Entrepreneurship courses (ET9131 – ET9135)
  • Undergraduate Research Opportunity Programme (UROP)/Undergraduate Research Experience on Campus (URECA)
  • Industrial Orientation/Internship and Professional Attachment

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