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Admissions Criteria:                                                                                                                                    [back to top]

General Requirements
You are offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma awarded by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO).

Students sitting for the May 2019 IB exam may submit their applications (except for Medicine, Arts (Education), and Science (Education)) before closing date and provide the actual IB results upon release.

Minimum Subject Requirements
To be eligible for a programme, students must satisfy its minimum subject requirements

Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Requirement for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents
All Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents applying for admissions must fulfil any one of the following minimum requirements under MOE mother tongue policy:

  • a grade D7 for Higher MTL at Singapore-Cambridge GCE O-Level; or
  • a pass in MTL 'B' or a grade S for H1 MTL or H2 MTL Language and Literature or General Studies in Chinese at Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Level; or
  • a pass in MTL Language A or Language B at Standard Level or Higher Level at IB Diploma; or
  • an MOE-approved MTL-in-lieu*; or
  • an MOE-approved MTL-exemption*.

Students who have not satisfied the requirement above may still apply for admissions with no prejudice to their application. Admissions will be on a provisional basis and students are required to attain the MTL within the period of their University study.

* For students who have been away from Singapore's school system for some years, the University will submit the application for MTL-in-lieu or MTL-exemption on your behalf if you are offered admissions. MOE does not accept direct applications.

Discretionary Admissions
Students with exceptional talents and outstanding achievements may submit an application for Discretionary Admissions. They must be able to produce official documentary proof of the achievements declared in the application, upon request by the University for verification.

Special Medical Conditions to Note
Students are advised to check the special medical conditions for selective programmes before apply.

Tuition Grant (TG) Eligibility for Current or Former Students of NTU, NUS, SMU, SUTD, Poly-FSI, SIT, NAFA-RCM and LASALLE-Goldsmiths
Under the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) TG policy, subsidised full-time undergraduate students who transfer or re-admit within or across NTU (Nanyang Technological University), NUS (National University of Singapore), SMU (Singapore Management University), SUTD (Singapore University of Technology & Design), Poly-FSI (Polytechnic-Foreign Specialised Institution), SIT (Singapore Institute of Technology), NAFA-RCM (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts-Royal College of Music) or LASALLE-Goldsmiths (LASALLE College of the Arts-Goldsmiths College) are eligible for TG up to the normal programme duration for the new programme less the number of semesters of TG received for the previous programmes. E.g. a student who has availed 2 semesters of TG in his previous programme is therefore eligible for 4 semesters of TG (starting from Semester 1) for his new programme with a normal duration of 6 semesters.

Students who hold/obtain a degree or higher qualification through subsidy or sponsorship by the Singapore Government will NOT be eligible for TG to pursue a second programme of the same or lower level.

Learn more about Tuition Grant.

Admissions Procedures:                                                                                                                            [back to top]

How to Apply

  • Step 1: Submit application form
  • Step 2: Pay application fee
  • Step 3: Submit supporting documents
  • Step 4: Update/Track progress of application

Step 1: Submit Application Form

Fill in one online application form, via Apply Now.

Before clicking the Submit button, preview your completed form and save a copy for reference. For help, see Guide to Filling In Application Form.

Your form is submitted successfully when 1) a confirmation page with your application number, i.e. the Application Tracking Page, is generated; 2) you receive an email acknowledging your application.

At Application Tracking Page, proceed to complete the list of other items required. To access the same Page later, login via Check Status, using your application number and password you created during application. Applicants who wish to apply for Scholarships may do so at this stage.

Step 2: Pay Application Fee

To pay online by VISA/MasterCard, login to Check Status.

To pay at Singapore DBS/POSB ATM, obtain your unique Bill Reference Number via Check Status before making payment.

To learn more, login to Check Status.

Step 3: Submit Supporting Documents    

Login to Check Status and upload items at the Supporting Documents Checklist:

i.     Personal Identification

  • Singapore Citizens/Permanent Residents: NRIC (front & back)
  • Singapore Full-Time National Servicemen (NSFs): NS IC (front & back) and passport information page/birth certificate
  • International applicants: passport information page


ii.    Academic Records

  • School-issued IB results slip/summary; or official IB Diploma transcript & certificate
  • Senior High School leaving/graduation certificate (if applicable)
  • Junior High/Secondary School exam results (e.g. 'O' Level, Year 4 IP transcript, IGCSE)
  • Junior High/Secondary School leaving/graduation certificate (if applicable)
  • Mother Tongue Language subject & grade; or
    MTL in-lieu subject & grade (along with MOE approval letter); or
    MOE approval letter for MTL exemption
  • International Olympiad (IO) Medal Award (if applicable)
  • AP Student Grade Report (optional)
  • SAT Subject Tests (optional)
  • IELTS/TOEFL/SAT/PTE Academic/ACT with Writing (optional)
  • University Academic Transcript (if applicable) 


iii.  Report/Record of Medical Condition/Special Need (if applicable) 

Follow the guideline below to upload to the Checklist: 

  • Scan your document in original colour and upright orientation, and save as JPG or PDF format. For a document with multiple pages, scan and save as a single file.
  • Your file size must not exceed 5MB. DO NOT zip or compress file.
  • Each item can only be uploaded once. Ensure correct file is selected.
  • Check ALL compulsory items are uploaded BEFORE clicking 'Confirm' at the end of Checklist.
  • DO NOT further submit physical copies.
  • For help, email or


You are strongly encouraged to upload your document.

If you prefer to submit hardcopy:

  • Print Checklist for use as cover.
  • Arrange your hardcopies in order of Checklist.
  • Write your application number at top right corner of each document, and at top left corner of envelope.
  • Your documents should reach our Office no later than five days after the closing date of application.
  • DO NOT submit original documents.

Important Note: Unless instructed otherwise, DO NOT use a combination of both methods to submit your documents, i.e. either upload for all or submit hardcopy for all.

For applicants sitting for the May 2019 IB exam:

Submit your actual IB results at 'Provide Actual Results' via Check Status, within three days upon release in July.

Granting access of official transcript via International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO):
Students who wish to grant NTU access to their official transcripts via IBO may do so for free before the release of their DP results in January or July 2019 (depending on the exam session), by submitting their transcript requests to their schools' DP coordinators. After results release, each request will incur USD17 and must be submitted directly to IBO request for results service.  

For Art, Design and Media (ADM) applicants only:

ADM applicants must submit additional materials for assessment.  

  • Print the ADM Checklist for use as cover via Check Status.
  • Follow strictly the ADM submission requirements.
  • Your materials should reach our Office no later than five days after the closing date of application.
  • Submission via email/online is not acceptable.

Step 4: Update/Track Progress of Application

You are advised to check the progress of your application online. By logging on to Check Status, you can

  1. Pay application fee online via VISA/Mastercard
  2. Access the Checklist for submission of supporting documents
  3. C​heck your fee payment and documents submission status (in 4-5 working days)
  4. Change your programme choice(s) (before application closes) (optional)
  5. Update your contact information (before application closes)

    Note: It is important to provide up-to-date contact details. For changes after closing date, email or

  6. Apply for scholarships (optional)
  7. Provide actual IB results (only if you did not provide earlier in your application)

    For applicants sitting for the November 2018 IB exam:
    Key in your results and upload your results slip/statement at 'Provide Actual Results', latest by 24 March 2019.

    For applicants sitting for the May 2019 IB exam:
    Key in your results and upload your results slip/statement at 'Provide Actual Results', within three days upon release in July.

    In addition, you should grant NTU access to your official transcript via International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) website. You can do so for free (for up to 6 universities destination) before the release of your DP results in January or July 2019 (depending on your exam session), by submitting your transcript request to your school's DP coordinator. After results release, each request will incur USD17 and must be submitted directly to IBO request for results service.  

    Note: For submission of revised grade(s), email to or

  8. For LKCMedicine applicants only:
    Complete your application for LKCMedicine (before application closes)
    • Confirm/Update BMAT Number.
    • Review/Finalise Personal Statement.
    • Perform Online Criminal Records Declaration.
    • Submit two Online Referee Reports.

    -The Online Referee Report is in question-and-answer format, and takes about 10 minutes to complete. Instructions and login details will be provided to applicants to forward to their referees.
    -Shortlisted applicants are to attend Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) in April.

  9. Check your application status

    For applicants sitting for the May 2019 IB exam:
    Application outcome is available two to three weeks after submission of actual IB results in July. No conditional offer prior to submission of actual results will be provided.


Offer and Acceptance                                                                                                                                  [back to top]

If you are offered admissions, proceed to accept your offer online by the stipulated deadline.

If you are not offered admissions or your choice of programme, you may submit an appeal during the online appeal exercise. If successful, proceed to accept the offer with the instruction given.

After Acceptance                                                                                                                                          [back to top]

If you have accepted the offer and are matriculating in the Academic Year 2019-20, you will receive from mid June an email directing you to the Freshmen Portal which contains detailed information on enrolment.  Proceed to complete from mid June the enrolment procedures as displayed on the NTU Online Acceptance Form. You are to refer to the detailed instructions and procedures, and make use of the forms provided in the Freshmen Portal.

Click on the relevant link below for a summary of the specific enrolment procedures applicable to you.

Applicants are advised to visit this section again for the latest updates on the enrolment procedures for AY2019-20.

Note to successful applicants enlisting or serving Full-Time National Service (NSF) matriculating only after Academic Year 2019-20:
If you have accepted the offer and are matriculating only after Academic Year 2019-20, you will receive in September/October (of the year of acceptance) an acknowledgement letter for the programme you have accepted.

Keep the letter as proof of acceptance and remember your application number for future correspondence. A confirmation letter will be sent to you subsequently in December prior to the year of your matriculation. If there is a change in your mailing address, please update us, quoting your application number, via email to

Verification of Original Documents                                                                                                           [back to top]

All matriculated students, regardless of nationality, must complete Verification of Original Documents exercise, in the first semester of study around mid-September/early October. Details of the exercise will be provided via student's NTU email accounts prior to the verification period.

Those who fail to complete the exercise or who are unable to present the required original documents for verification without valid reasons will be required to withdraw or deemed to have withdrawn from the University.


Important Dates and Deadlines to Note:                                                                                                   [back to top]

Admissions Stages Event Actions  Dates / Deadlines
Application for AdmissionsOnline application

15 October 2018
- 19 March 2019

Change of programme choices

by 19 March 2019

Update of contact
1. via Check Status
2. via email/letter

1. by 19 March 2019
2. from 20 March 2019

Payment of application fee

by 24 March 2019

Submission of supporting documents

by 24 March 2019

Submission of Art, Design & Media (ADM) additional materials

by 24 March 2019

Completion of application for LKCMedicine programme
1. Personal Statement
2. Criminal Records Declaration
3. Two Online Referee Reports

1. by 19 March 2019
2. by 19 March 2019
3. by 22 March 2019

Application for ScholarshipsOnline application

by 19 March 2019

Submission of photograph and appraisal form

by 26 March 2019

Offer and AcceptanceOffer/Release of application outcome

- from end April 2019
- from mid/end July
for July IB results

Acceptance of offer

from 2 January 2019

Online appeal of application outcome

11 May – 26 May 2019

After AcceptanceOnline Matriculation

Click here for details

Qualifying English Test (QET)

Click here for details

Freshmen Welcome Ceremony

Click here for details

Contact Us:                                                                                                                                                   [back to top]

For admissions matters and enquiries, please email or

Click here for FAQs on IB Diploma.


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