Other International Qualifications

QualificationsMinimum Requirement to ApplyNTU Entrance Examination
Africa Senior School CertificateGood passes in Senior School Certificate with Grade A or at least 90% in each subject. Required.
​Albania Certificate of Maturity​Good passes in each subject in Certificate of Maturity.​Required.
​Austria MaturaReifeprüfungszeugnis/Maturazeugnis with an overall average score of 1.5 or better and 1.0 in relevant subjects.​Not Required.
Bangladesh Higher Secondary CertificateAn overall GPA of at least 4.0 in Higher Secondary Certificate Exam.Required.
​Belarus Certificate of Secondary Education​Scores of 8 and 9 in all subjects in Certificate of Secondary Education.​Required.
​Belgium Diploma van Hoger Secundair Onderwijs / Certificat d'Enseignement Secondaire Supérieur / Abschlusszeugnis der Oberstufe des Sekundarunterrichts ​An overall average score of at least 85%.​Not Required.
​Brazil Certificado de Ensino Medio​Scores of 8 and 9 in all subjects in Certificate of Secondary Education. ​Required.
​Bulgaria Diploma Za Zavurcheno Sredno Obrazovanie ((Diploma of Completed Secondary Education)​An overall score of at least 5.75.​Not Required.
Cameroon GCE Advanced LevelGood passes in at least 4 Advanced Level subjects taken in the same sitting.  Not Required.
Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Exam (Cape)CAPE Diploma with good passes in 2-Unit courses.Not Required.
​Colombia Bachiller Academico​Good passes in each subject in ICFES Exam. ​Required.
​Croatia Maturatna Svejdodzba​An overall score of 5.0 and scores of 5.0 for relevant individual subjects.​Not Required.
​Czech Maturitni Zkouška/ Maturita​An overall average score of 1 (vyborny).​Not Required
​Danish Studentereksamen/ Højere Forberedelseseksamen​An overall score of at least 10 and scores of 12 in relevant Level A subjects.​Not Required.
Ecuadorian High School CertificateGood passes in each subject in high school graduation exam. Required.
​Egypt Thanaweya A'ama  / Al-Azhar General Secondary School Certificate ​Good passes in each subject in high school graduation exam.​Required.
Estonian High School Certificate Scores of 5 in majorities of the subjects, especially those relevant subjects to the programmes applying, in High School Final Exam and average score of at least 88% in State Exam.  Not Required.
​Ethiopian University Entrance Exam Certificate​An overall average of at least 95%.​​Required.
​Fiji Year 12 Certificate Examination​An overall average of at least 95%.​​Required.
Finland Certificate of the Matriculation Exam (ylioppilaskirjoitukset/ studentexamen)A combination of grade 6 (Eximia cum laude approbatur) and 7 (Laudatur) in at least 5 subjects in Ylioppilaskirjoitukset/ studentexamen.Not Required.
German Abitur An overall grade of between 1.0 and 2.0 with points between 12 and 15 in individual subjects.Not Required.
​Greek  Apolytirion of Lykeio​Obtained an overall score of at least 18 in the Apolytirion and at least 18 in three relevant Pan-Hellenic examination subjects or two relevant GCE A-Level subjects at grade AA.​Not Required.

High School Certificate (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan)

Scores of 4 and 5 in all subjects in Certificate of Secondary Education.  Students with more 5s will have a more comparative advantage. Required.
High School Certificate (Macau)Good passes in each subject in high school graduation exam. Required.
High School Certificate (Russia)Good passes in each subject in high school graduation exam. Required
High School Certificate (Saudi Arabia)Good passes in each subject in high school graduation exam. Required.
High School Certificate (Ukraine)Good passes in each subject in high school graduation exam. Required.
​Hungarian Matura (Erettsegi)​Score of 4 and 5, with 3 relevant subjects taken at Advanced/Higher Level with score of 5.​Not Required.
Iran HSCGood passes in each subject in high school graduation exam. Required.
​Irish Leaving Certificate​A1/H1 in 4 subjects taken at Higher Level.​​Not Required.
​Italy Diploma Di Esame Di Stato​At least 90% in the overall score of Diploma Di Esame Di Stato.​Not Required.
​​Japan Upper Secondary School Leaving Certificate
​Good passes in graduation examination.
​Kazakhstan NIS Grade 12 Certificate
​Score of A in all subjects
Not Required.
Malaysia MatriculationA good CGPA in Matriculation programme.Required.
​Macedonia Maturski ispit / Diploma o završenoj srednjoj školi (Secondary School Leaving Diploma)​An overall score of 5.0.​Not Required.
​Mexico Bachillerato General​An overall average score of at least 9.0.​Required.
​Moldova Diploma De Baccalaureat​An overall average score of at least 9.0.​Required.
​Moroccan Baccalauréat​Overall average grade of at least 15.​Required.
Nepal Higher Sec EducationGood passes in each subject in high school graduation exam. Required.
​Netherlands Diploma Voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs (VWO)​A score of at least 8.0 in individual subjects.​Not Required.
New Zealand NCEA NCEA Level 3 with majority of results in 'Excellence'.Not Required.
​Norway Vitnemål fra den Videregående Skole  (Upper Secondary Leaving Certificate)  ​At least 5.0 in each subject.​Not Required.
Pakistan Higher Secondary CertificateAn average score of at least 85% in Higher Secondary Certificate Part I & II Annual Exam.Required.
​Polish Matura​An overall score of at least 90% with at least 2 relevant subjects taken at Extended Level.  ​Not Required.
​Romania Diploma De Bacalaureat​An overall average score of at least 9.0.​Not Required.
​Rwanda Advanced Level Certificate of Education​73 in weighted aggregate.​Required.
​SABIS Diploma

​Good CGPA/marks in SABIS Diploma
A combination score of 4 and 5 in 3 or more Advanced Placement Tests from CollegeBoard.  AP Calculus is compulsory for application to Engineering and most of the Science programmes. The AP subjects should be chosen based on the subject prerequisites of the programmes applying for.

Note: AP refers to AP Exam scores obtained under CollegeBoard.  Visit https://www.collegeboard.org/  for details on AP Exams. 

​Not Required.
Scottish HighersGood passes in 3 subjects at Advanced Highers.Not Required.
Senior High School Certificate (Cambodia)Good passes in each subject in Senior High School Certificate.Required.


  • Maturitätszeugnis (Federal Maturity Certificate)
  • Certificat De Maturité
  • Baccalauréat
  • Attestato Di Maturità
  • Eidgenössisch Anerkanntes Kantonales Maturitätszeugnis
  • Certificat De Maturité Cantonal Reconnu Par La Confédération
  • Attestato Di Maturità Cantonale Riconosciuto Dalla Confederazione
  • Cantonal Maturity Certificate
​An overall score of at least 5.0 and grade of 5.5 in relevant subjects.​Not Required
​Tanzania Advanced Cert Of Sec Educ Exam (ACSEE)​Score of A in all Principal level subjects.​Not Required
​Tunisia Baccalaureate​At least 15 out of 20.​Not Required
Turkish High School CertificateGPA of at least 90 or 4 in final high school exam.Required.
University Foundation StudiesA good CGPA or marks or percentage in foundation studies.Required.
Upper Secondary School Diploma (Laos)Good passes in each subject in Upper Secondary School Diploma exam.Required.
​Yemen Al Thanawiya (General Secondary Education Certificate)​Good passes in each subject in high school graduation exam.​Required.
​Zimbabwe GCE Advanced Level​Score of A in all subjects.​Not Required
Any other not listedGood passes in High School National/Graduation exam.May be required.  Will evaluate on a case-by-case basis.

Direct Admission
Medallists (Gold, Silver or Bronze) of International Science Olympiads Competitions in Biology (IBO), Chemistry (IChO), Physics (IPhO), Mathematics (IMO), Informatics (IOI), Astronomy (IAO) and Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA) will be considered for admission more favourably to programmes related to their field of achievement. Admission to programmes not closely related to the field of achievement will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Interview may be conducted before the decision of admissions is made. Medalists with qualification that required sitting the NTU Entrance Examinations are not exempted if applying for admission to Medicine, Sports Science & Management, Maritime Studies, non-Engineering and non-Science programmes.

To apply, you must be in the final year of your high school or already completed your high school.

English Language Requirements
If English is not the medium of studies or learning in the high school or taken as a 2nd language, submission of IGCSE O-Level English language at first language (grade ‘A’) or IELTS (a minimum Overall 6, Writing 6) or TOEFL (a minimum of 90 - iBT) or SAT (a minimum of 1250 for redesigned SAT) or Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) (a minimum of 55) or ACT with Writing (a minimum of composite score of 30 in ACT with Writing in one sitting) or Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) is required.

NTU Entrance Examination (NTU EE)
NTU EE is on invitation only.  No separate application is required.  Examination will be conducted in NTU, usually in May.  Students who have previously sat for the exam will not be invited again and the application may not be considered further.

Programmes Eligibility
Eligible to apply for all programmes if fulfil the minimum subject requirements of the programmes. 

Applicants with graduation results available after April of the application year will not be eligible to apply for the LKCMedicine programme and Renaissance Engineering programme.

Note that Biomedical Sciences and Chinese Medicine programme is not applicable to Citizens of Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan.

1. Students in the final year of high school may apply with their predicted results or  up-to-date high school results during application period. 

2. Admission is highly competitive, especially for non-citizens, due to limited places available.  The admission point varies from year to year and between different programmes.  Meeting the minimum requirements to apply does not guarantee admission to any of the programmes in NTU.

3. The primary factor in admission decision is the high school academic performance. Decision will be made with actual results only for qualifications not required to sit for NTU EE.  Applicants who are in the final year of high school must submit official final result slip within 3 days following the official release date for admission decision.  No provisional offer will be made with preliminary results.  

4. The admission decision for qualifications that required to sit the NTU  Entrance Examinations will be determined by their performance in the Entrance Examinations.

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