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Fully Digital Application Portal (Subsidised Programmes*)
Complete set of supporting documents (must be legible) have to be uploaded via the fully digital application portal. Do not send hardcopy of admission package. Late submission could not be accepted. The School may contact applicants about additional information or documents at a later date (if required).

*Does not apply to RSIS Programmes 

Applications are to be submitted electronically only. Any other form of submission would not be processed.

If you are applying to more than one programme, please submit a separate application and pay application fee for each programme applied. Do ensure that the payment is made to the correct programme code. Mode of payment for digital application is only by online payment via credit card.

* The link for online application will be available only during application period.

 Applications for Subsidised Programmes, please click here.


Applications for RSIS Programmes, please click here.

RSIS Applicants would need to send admission package directly to school. Please check the mailing address found on this link.


Non-Subsidised Programmes

Applicants (Non-subsidised programmes) need to send admission package directly to schools. Please check the mailing address found in this link.

Applications for Non-Subsidised Programmes, please click here.


For ASEAN Scholarship application ONLY, please click here.

Important Notice: Please be informed that the University has not arranged for any external private agencies to undertake graduate student recruitment on its behalf. Candidates interested in enrolling into NTU graduate programmes are advised to apply directly to the University and not through any agents. There are no added merits for admission applications submitted by candidates who apply through agents. The University reserves the right to reject such applications without giving reasons.

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