Conditions of Admission

This offer is made to you subject to the following conditions:

  1. The University is satisfied that you are certified fit to study by the University doctor at the University Health Service (UHS).
  2. The information you have given in your application form is accurate and you have not withheld any material information from the University.
  3. For full-time international students, you will apply and successfully secure a Student's Pass from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore. NTU will assist in and support your application for the Student's Pass. For part-time international students, please ensure that you have a valid immigration pass throughout the entire course of study.


Valid Immigration Pass for International


 Full-time International Students

All full-time international students are required to obtain and hold a valid Student's Pass to study in Singapore. Please click HERE for the detailed Student's Pass Application procedure document.

Part-time International Students

Please be informed that if you are not a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident, you are to ensure that you have a valid immigration pass throughout the entire course of study. Do check with One Stop webpage for information about immigration and insurance schemes. For clarifications, please email to


Verification of Original Documents

This option is only for applicants who have received the offer of admission from the University.

If you are offered admission, you will be given the URL address to accept the offer via internet. Your matriculation number will be generated, however, this does not indicate that you had been matriculated. It is mandatory to attend the verification exercise onsite.

The system will also prompt you to set up an email account with us.  Future correspondences with you will be through that email account. Do note that it is mandatory to attend the verification exercise onsite.

If you have already accepted the offer, you can view the important verification onsite details here:
Verification details for AY2019-Semester 2

Prior to verification, you may view your particulars in the e-verification portal via

Applicants who graduated outside of Singapore and are presenting overseas credentials/degrees have to obtain an official verification report from an NTU approved credential verification agency.

Chinese universities to provide certification. Please click here to see the sample 1 or sample 2.


Others to go through degree verification agencies as follows and other agencies will be listed in due course:



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