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A tripartite agreement has been reached with NUS and SMU to offer student exchange programme commencing July 2001. Through this programme, students at the 3 institutions are able to study and experience student's life at a host institution while pursuing their degrees in their university.

In NTU, SUSEP is administered by the Office of Academic Services and supported by the Schools.

Options Available
The following options are available for students (NUS or SMU) participating in the programme: 

  • Partial Exchange
    Take a few approved courses in NTU and the remaining in your home university. Students are to ensure that the courses and examination timetables for the NUS/SMU courses they wish to take will not clash with those that they are taking in NTU.
  • Full Exchange
    Do one semester of studies of approved courses entirely at NTU.

Matters on Registration of Courses
Students should ascertain with the advice of their institution's academic counsellor that they have met the equivalent pre-requisites, if any, of the NTU courses.  

For students who are taking a few courses at NTU and the remaining in their own university, it is important for them to check and ascertain that they can fit the approved courses with their registered courses in their university.


Please note that there are certain courses which are not offered to exchange students.  NTU courses are highly competitive and popular, and there is no guarantee that you will be allocated courses you express interest in.

Useful Links:
NTU Academic Unit System
Course Registration

Content of Courses
Class Schedule

Curriculum Structure

Examination timetable

Examination Regulations


Fees & Expenses
Tuition fees are paid to the home university (NUS or SMU) and are waived by NTU


The financial responsibility of students participating in SUSEP is as follows:

  • Tuition, academic and obligatory fees at the home university. These fees will be waived at NTU;
  • Medical/health insurance;
  • Obligatory expenditure required in NTU;
  • Personal and living expenses, including accommodation and food; and
  • Debts incurred for the duration of their study at the host university.


Compulsory Miscellaneous Fees applicable for SUSEP students (Full-Time) admitted in AY2020-21.


Miscellaneous Student FeesPer Semester (Inclusive of GST)
​Singapore Citizens​S​$114.10
Singapore Permanent Residents / International Students ​​S$134.10

Fees are subject to changes without notice.


The use of non-academic or non-obligatory facilities, services and functions at NTU may require the payment of fees by the exchange student.


Please note that students on local exchange are not eligible for on-campus accommodation.


Application Procedure


Note: Only students who are nominated by either NUS or SMU can proceed to apply online.


  1. Obtain the information on the NTU courses, class schedule and examination timetable
  2. Consult your institution's academic counsellor on the suitability of your choice of courses
  3. Complete the NTU online application form.


     Click here to proceed with the online application


Closing date for application:
Semester 1 : 15 April 2020
Semester 2 : 15 October 2020

Your selection of courses will be subject to NTU's approval and vacancies availability. Upon acceptance, you would be issued with a letter of admission with a copy forwarded to your university. You would be informed of the approved courses and advised on the collection of your matriculation cards, class timetable and other related matters in the letter. At the end of the programme, NTU would send your academic transcript to your university within one month after the release of examination results. Please note that all rules and regulations pertaining to course registration and examinations would apply to you.

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